Friday, June 8, 2007

!!!! again, He comes through in the clutch !!!!

So last year I applied for this nursing scholarship...its called the Freeman Scholars Program...and it pays most (not all) of your tuition, follows you year to year w/o just have to agree to maintain a certain gpa and then commit to work in Vermont for 2-years following graduation...
So I applied and waited, waited...I really thought I would get it...and then I found out that I did not get it took about one hour to go through all the Kubler Ross stages :)...but I got over it. I thought to myself, maybe God wants us to move out of state to like No. Carolina or something, haha. The one thing that kept repeating in my head was "but you have eternity" and when I thought about that scholarship that will follow me through LIFE, I got over it.
So come to find out, I got an email from UVM today, saying my award package was I signed in...long story short, I got more than half of what I would have gotten with the Freeman Scholarship! Just like my mom said He closes one door and opens another.