Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Springfield College

Well like I said, Den brought us on a tour of his college. It was kinda nice to see it...but being the Athletic Director that he is, he brought us to every darn athletic part of the college (pool, football field, both gyms, tennis courts, lacrosse field?!?!?!, etc...oh yeah, and we saw where bikram yoga (however you spell it) is done....Den hates yoga). Anyhow, it was fun. Here are some photos. The night before we toured his school, we went to Target!!!...well Flynn got to try on tons of shoes, her favorite thing to do...so as she is trying on shoes she says "mommy, I LOVE daddys school" hahha...she loved the "Target" and "H&M" campus :).

First pic (Den and Flynn in front of Residential sign...is where he lived)

Next one is in front of his townhouse, pretty nice place and a killer view over the football fields, very cool.

Pic of them in front of field is as the new turf was being done, pretty neat process. In the background is his old townhouse, you can see he had a cool view.

Pic in front of Judd Gymnasia is NOT the wrong spelling...but I dont know why its that way. But that is where the first basketball game was ever played. Oh, and we saw ballet and bikram yoga going on there...Flynn got her first look at male balerinas....it was interesting...


Flynn passed Level 1! Yipee. She was really excited and so were we. Hopefully we have a real swimmer on our hands! One thing that was funny to watch was the biggest smile that she had the whole time. It was pretty funny!

Blueberry Picking at Mazzas

Here are some pictures from blueberry picking at Mazzas. It was a lot of fun, and the berries were awesome. We got 3+lbs and they are almost gone. Raspberries are almost ready. I dont know why I took a pic of the not-ready blueberries but they were all (ripe or not) really pretty colors.


Ive been pretty lame and havent written on my blog in a long time. I guess its because I pretty much know that noone reads it hahaha. I keep thinking I will post some really important announcement on here so I KNOW who reads it and who doesnt...but anyhow. Well Flynn has done some swim lessons which she really loved. Soccer is almost done for her and I. We had a family reunion (Dens side) and after that went to Springfield, MA to visit Dens alma mater (Springfield College) http://www.spfldcol.edu/. It was really nice to bring Flynn...we had to be really polite because Den showed us everything. Hahha. Of course Flynn was most interested in where he ate when he went to school there. We did get to see the new football field which is beautiful with the turf. Hmm...went blueberry picking after swim one day at Mazzas in Essex. The blueberries were huge and really good.
I will add some pictures of our oh-so-exciting ventures. Thankfully my sister in law asked about my blog (the only person that might look at it :) but she will be the first to get that all important announcement when I figure one out), otherwise I would have updated it with pictures from Flynns 8th grade graduation.
***Im going to post the pictures with their own posts so its not so confusing (I should personally address this to Shelley hahaha. Youre the only one that reads this blog hahah)