Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bib #6135

Today was race day, a perfect day for a the 60's, overcast and from mile 21 on, lots of rain. Could not have asked for a better temp., that is for sure. We finished in 3:47:05...but the big news of the day, was that Gabe continued running after the hand off, and FINISHED THE RACE! HE COMPLETED THE FULL MARATHON!!! It really was amazing, and he did it easily, it appeared. We were all very proud of him, it was an incredible accomplishment. It was a great time, much more enjoyable than last year (temps were in the low-mid 80's). The fans were awesome! I have attached a picture of our team just after the race (well, after the food of course). Yes, my lips were blue...I was soaking wet and chilly at this point.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bib #106

Here she is, bib #106! Flynn finished her first race today, the Vermont City/Keybank kids Y.A.M. scram marathon. It was fun, there were about 700 kids in it. She got to start with two of her friends from CKS, but they were quickly seperated. Half way through she got to run with an "old" friend from R. Edge, so that was nice. Here are some pictures. Now if her mother can gather some excitement to finish hers tomorrow :).

Friday, May 25, 2007

Marathon Weekend

Well tomorrow is the big day, the Y.A.M Scram race, hosted by the Vermont City Keybank Marathon This will be a big day for Flynn because its her first race! She will be doing the 4-yr old race, the 1/2mile. Shes pretty excited and we are really excited for her. Hopefully it will be one of many! I will certainly post pictures later in the day.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Today was a pretty nice day, in the mid 60's...the wind made it a little chilly though. I told Den I hoped Pastor Scotts message would be really funny (on top of being a good message, of course haha) to get me through my first four and a half miles on Sunday...welllllll...Pastor Joshua was preaching today and it was a really good message....check it out yoursel . Subscribe to the podcast to download into your itunes. Or you could watch it online of course :). Check it out. Lets see what else...not much. Looking for a condo in Maine (Ogunquit or Wells Beach) for family vacation (8 of us). If anyone knows of a place, let me know. Oh, I finally watched that video on youtube- the one with mentos and diet coke. Pretty cool. If you havent seen it, put mentos and diet coke into the search. There is one where two men have a bunch of bottles lined up and did a water show sort of like at the Bellagio in Vegas- to music. Well, not quite the Bellagio :).

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Little Beaner

Here is a cute picture of Flynn. After Dens surgery, I bought them each a little treat, and she is here holding hers. This picture is kind of funny, because she looks like a brunette in it. Her hair got a little darker I guess, but maybe its because she had brown pants and a brown top? Or maybe her hair is turning brown!

Memorial Day Weekend

Next weekend is Memorial Day, as well as the Vermont City/Keybank Marathon If you've never gone, its a lot of fun to just go and cheer on the runners...or run in! The exciting thing this year is that Flynn will be doing her first "kids marathon" the Yam Scram on the Sat. before Burlington...she is doing a 1/2 mi. and we are really excited for her. So that will be fun. I am doing the 2-man with a friend (Gabe---who is doing an AWESOME job training) and poor Den can't run in it this year, he's still rehabbing from his knee surgery. But its fun to just go and watch. My sister in law is running in a family (her side) relay, and lots more friends are also in it. Last year was rough...the was extremely hot and made running not fun. My friend Jen and I did the 2-man- she can't this year because she just had a baby a few weeks ago (o.k. excuse, I guess) :)...but assures me shes in for next year! So if you've got nothing to do, the waterfront will be lots of fun! I'll post lots of pics (hopefully I will get some) of Flynn in her little run next week!

Friday, May 18, 2007

My Plant

Here is the picture of my morning glory. There is also a picture of a picture Flynn drew. Thats about it for posts...

Mothers Day

Flynn gave me a morning glory she planted and grew at school for Mothers Day. Its really cute, but no flowers it would have been a boring picture at this I got a pic on google to post. If mine flower, Ill take a, am I hurting for something to write about.

Bright Idea

I have a nice little friend traveling through Thailand right now, volunteering at nursing schools...she has a I decided to start my own blog. So here it goes. I have no clue what I am doing, I'll figure it out as I go along. Going for a quick run right now, maybe I'll think of stuff to blog about as I run...