Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Apple Picking

We went apple picking last Sunday. It was a really nice day and lots of apples. No cider donuts tho. I guess thats not a bad thing. Anyways, it was fun. Almost time for the apple fest.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Flynns 1st day of Kindergarten!

Here are some pics from Flynns 1st day at John F. Kennedy. She has been loving it. The first thing she said when we picked her up was "we get TWO snack times and no nap!". Good to see her priorities are in order :).

She has made some nice little friends and loves to see Den throughout the day. Getting hot lunch once a week is a highlight. Oh yeah, I think she likes the academic part too :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

You wont believe this!

I should have written this a few weeks, but here goes-

UVM updates your financial/aware package often, and you receive an email frequently telling you that they have changed it. I usually delete the emails because it usually means next to nothing...

a few weeks ago I rec'd one of these emails and clicked on the link to view my award (if you read my blog, you will see this happened earlier in the summer as well with two other scholarships). So I go on..and I see this "Lisman Scholarship" for A LOT of money...I said "Den...check this out"...I had never heard of the Lisman Scholarship nor had I applied for it?!? I searched the UVM webpage looking for info on it, googled it, and found nothing. I thought for a brief second to chill out incase it was a scam...but then I thought it couldnt be because noone could get into that part of the financial aid and post stuff...

so here I was baffled... I quickly was reminded of the parable of the talents (Matthew 25). Earlier this year, Pastor Scott had preached and challenged us to really re-evaluate our tithing. We had always tithed, but Im not sure Den and I were on the same page with it. We knew it was important, but it was seeming like it was just what you do because we knew we were supposed to and we always had. It was more like just cutting and check and sending it in.

So earlier this summer, it was really bugging me, that we didnt seem to be on the same page...so we really talked and prayed about it. We asked God to help us to remember our giving as gratitude for what He already had given us....and that it was an act of humility and great reverence to God....

Well as the school year began, I found I had rec'd a substantial scholarship...which was awesome....well then I rec'd another one..which was awesome...so then we were figuring out what loans I would take, or if we'd just pay,etc....and here comes that last email with the big scholarship. I think it is important to realize that tithing is obedience and gratitude, so to EXPECT stuff in return does not really seem right to me. But I think God has a really important plan for our family and with this education. Im not quite sure what that is...but I am certain now that God has opened all of these doors for a reason.

So the next day (after the email), I got a letter in the mail telling me I had rec'd the scholarship. I was invited to a luncheon for the recipients! I am very excited to meet the Lisman Family and thank them. Maybe I'll slip them a CD from that message hahaha.

And then...a week later-

I got home from a little party of a friend transferring to ABQ...so I logged-on...and I have an email from UVM...my award package had been revised...
so Im thinking its a charge for a parking pass I just got for clinicals...(I know it has nothing to do with an awards package, but I was thinking financial statement I guess....and they dont usually miss a beat with sending those out...)
It was another scholarship for a very generous amount. I called Den and told him...The wacky thing is that, dating back to an older blog...the only scholarship I had applied for (Freeman Scholars Program), had my heart set on it...didnt get it...was totally bummed out...got over it. Then all of the other scholarships began coming in and I am like what in the world?!?!? It ends up that I now have been given mroe than I would have gotten with the Freeman Scholars Program. This year has been entirely paid for.
Another reminder (for me) not to mess with Gods plan. His is always perfect, even when we really arent that happy with it. Just wait it out and see what happens. It might not always seem in our favor or as obvious of a blessing like this, but regardless its the right way to go.
Im definitely not into the give and get back thing, I think that would make people forget the whole reason for tithing. But I do know that God keeps his promise and that if you remember that it was all belonging to Him to begin with, He will make sure all your needs are taken care of. Now it is important that we use this blessing to honor God -so this should be quite an interesting journey ...