Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bib #257

Flynn ran the Y.A.M. Scram today in Burlington. What a difference a year makes, she cut her time in half! She was very excited to run with her friends from CKS again, and they did an awesome job. Later on when the endorphins wore off (joking), we did a craft and made pancakes. Pink and green pancakes. Good job beaner!

Lined up on the starting line, the girls finally let go of each others hands so they could run.

Coming down the shoot after the challenging 1/2mile!

Meeting Dad at the finish line. We are so proud of you bean!

This was a fun little idea I got from Lindseys blog.

I have no idea. This is what happens when you give her an ace bandage I guess.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cool Blog

Here is a cool new blog (new to me). has lots of info on simple living. She talks about decluttering, which so happens to be my favorite word. Shes got great ideas for beautifying your home simply with flowers Also, check out her post on "funkifying cans into pots", a great idea and project that Im going to try with Flynn this weekend. Lastly, you can apply for the Lisa Leonard giveaway on her site ( Check it out!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

spring is finally here!

The weathers been awesome and sunnier than ever. We've been playing whiffle ball, Flynns newest and greatest discovery. Here are some pictures of BP the other day. The joy of having a dad thats an A.D., she gets to use the nice equipment :).

The first picture is her pondering the playground vs. whiffle ball...
Den showing her the stance.

It was pretty funny to watch because she smiled and giggled the entire time.

And here is a picture of beaner with her trophy from this program she participated in called "Get Movin". She was very proud of her trophy!