Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Springfield College

Well like I said, Den brought us on a tour of his college. It was kinda nice to see it...but being the Athletic Director that he is, he brought us to every darn athletic part of the college (pool, football field, both gyms, tennis courts, lacrosse field?!?!?!, etc...oh yeah, and we saw where bikram yoga (however you spell it) is done....Den hates yoga). Anyhow, it was fun. Here are some photos. The night before we toured his school, we went to Target!!!...well Flynn got to try on tons of shoes, her favorite thing to do...so as she is trying on shoes she says "mommy, I LOVE daddys school" hahha...she loved the "Target" and "H&M" campus :).

First pic (Den and Flynn in front of Residential sign...is where he lived)

Next one is in front of his townhouse, pretty nice place and a killer view over the football fields, very cool.

Pic of them in front of field is as the new turf was being done, pretty neat process. In the background is his old townhouse, you can see he had a cool view.

Pic in front of Judd Gymnasia is NOT the wrong spelling...but I dont know why its that way. But that is where the first basketball game was ever played. Oh, and we saw ballet and bikram yoga going on there...Flynn got her first look at male balerinas....it was interesting...

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