Saturday, May 19, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Next weekend is Memorial Day, as well as the Vermont City/Keybank Marathon If you've never gone, its a lot of fun to just go and cheer on the runners...or run in! The exciting thing this year is that Flynn will be doing her first "kids marathon" the Yam Scram on the Sat. before Burlington...she is doing a 1/2 mi. and we are really excited for her. So that will be fun. I am doing the 2-man with a friend (Gabe---who is doing an AWESOME job training) and poor Den can't run in it this year, he's still rehabbing from his knee surgery. But its fun to just go and watch. My sister in law is running in a family (her side) relay, and lots more friends are also in it. Last year was rough...the was extremely hot and made running not fun. My friend Jen and I did the 2-man- she can't this year because she just had a baby a few weeks ago (o.k. excuse, I guess) :)...but assures me shes in for next year! So if you've got nothing to do, the waterfront will be lots of fun! I'll post lots of pics (hopefully I will get some) of Flynn in her little run next week!

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