Sunday, May 20, 2007


Today was a pretty nice day, in the mid 60's...the wind made it a little chilly though. I told Den I hoped Pastor Scotts message would be really funny (on top of being a good message, of course haha) to get me through my first four and a half miles on Sunday...welllllll...Pastor Joshua was preaching today and it was a really good message....check it out yoursel . Subscribe to the podcast to download into your itunes. Or you could watch it online of course :). Check it out. Lets see what else...not much. Looking for a condo in Maine (Ogunquit or Wells Beach) for family vacation (8 of us). If anyone knows of a place, let me know. Oh, I finally watched that video on youtube- the one with mentos and diet coke. Pretty cool. If you havent seen it, put mentos and diet coke into the search. There is one where two men have a bunch of bottles lined up and did a water show sort of like at the Bellagio in Vegas- to music. Well, not quite the Bellagio :).

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Eliza's Travels said...

yoo if your going to maine mid aug. you should tell me because i might stalk you because i think ill be there with familyyyyyyyyyyyy. woooooooo