Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bib #6135

Today was race day, a perfect day for a the 60's, overcast and from mile 21 on, lots of rain. Could not have asked for a better temp., that is for sure. We finished in 3:47:05...but the big news of the day, was that Gabe continued running after the hand off, and FINISHED THE RACE! HE COMPLETED THE FULL MARATHON!!! It really was amazing, and he did it easily, it appeared. We were all very proud of him, it was an incredible accomplishment. It was a great time, much more enjoyable than last year (temps were in the low-mid 80's). The fans were awesome! I have attached a picture of our team just after the race (well, after the food of course). Yes, my lips were blue...I was soaking wet and chilly at this point.

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